Market Lane Coffee (Melbourne, VIC)

By the recommendation of Timeout Melbourne, I decided to visit Market Lane Coffee - that is, the one by the Victoria Markets.  Apparently there are several coffee hubs under this name, so to be sure, this is the one on Therry Street.  It's a simple and rustic coffee specialty 'cafe' - though I wouldn't say it's much of a cafe.  There aren't many seats or tables to stick around the place for, but I guess most people are looking to stroll around the area anyway.

I was a bit confused by the menu at first, and just opted for a standard (they only have one size) latte instead of a skinny.  In fact, they don't even do a skinny!  They just have full milk - and that's it - so if you're one for skim or soy milk, don't bother with this place.

The service wasn't extremely friendly, but they were pretty quick when I was there.  The latte art was nice, and I liked their takeaway cups!  Awesome takeaway cups are sometimes the best part of a latte. Hehe.  It makes up for the bad coffee sometimes.  In this case, it didn't really have to "make up" for the coffee - thought my latte wasn't as awesome as I had hoped.  It was quite aromatic, but a bit more than acidic than I like it.  The latte was a good smooth cup of coffee, but in a way, I may find Alen's coffee in Brisbane more favorable.

Since there are plenty of other coffee hubs in Melbourne, I'm not so sure I would recommend this place.  It's surely convenient if you're by the Victoria Markets - but the handful of other cafes around the city make for tough competition!
Price: 4AUD/cuppa | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5

Market Lane Coffee
109-111 Therry Street
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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