Madame Brussels (Melbourne CBD, VIC)

Continuing our Friday night out, the few of us decided on meeting at Madame Brussels, a popular outdoor rooftop bar.  Oh my ears and whiskers, where did I just step foot into?  It was like I walked into a country club, as I was greeted by a waiter dressed in a pastel-colored polo and capris.  The astroturf, rose vines, and color scheme definitely painted a picture of "garden party" - which was both romantic, fancy, but also a bit "creepy and Tim Burton-esque," as my friend pointed out.  As a huge fan of Tim Burton, I found that entertaining, because I'm pretty sure Madame Brussels isn't supposed to be ironic, like the pastel-colored suburban houses in Edward Scissorhands...

The four of us shared a jug of the Pimm's cocktail, which was fresh and delightful, with pieces of cucumbers and strawberries infusing the drink.  There wasn't much alcohol and was quite expensive, but nevertheless refreshing.  The view from the top was beautiful, but I was distracted by all the smoke-filled air - the one big downside of outdoor terraces.  If you can't stand smoking, then... this may not be your place.

This place is constantly bustling with people looking for a casual place to lounge, so be prepared to stand our scout out a spot if you're out for the night!  The service is really slow on a busy night, but they're really friendly, and the ambience itself makes this place worth a visit.
Price: $$-$$$
Rating: 4/5
Tip: For rooftop bars across the board - go during sunset!  You can enjoy the view and ambience both in light and after sunset.  Good for groups, as long as you're willing to wait!

Madame Brussels (Website)
59 Bourke St. Level 3
Melbourne, VIC 3000
#: (03) 9662-2775
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