Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana (Melbourne CBD, VIC)

One of the best parts of my trip to Melbourne was that I got to meet up with some friends from the homes that I've left behind - Taiwan, Berkeley, and sort of LA.  I also got to see some classmates and spend the day with them in the city, and we (well, I) decided on Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana for lunch.  Another cuisine Brisbane doesn't seem to really do, or do well, is Italian.  It's either too expensive, or not that great, so I decided that I just had to try out an Italian place.

We shared four dishes between five people, which came out to be about $15 per person, so it was a decent price, although we probably could have taken out one dish by ourselves if we were hungry.  I enjoyed all four dishes, but the Gnocchi "Mushrooms" (15) was the most memorable.  The gnocchi was a perfect texture - chewy and "Q," and flavorful and not at all starchy.  The mushroom cream sauce was also perfectly perfect!  Pretty much my dream dish, with all the mushroom.  The Risotto Marinara (20), which was the risotto with seafood, was also pretty good.  Probably the best I've had in Oz so far.  I personally didn't like the Penne "all" Arrabbiata (15).  I felt like the flavors were lacking in complexity, and even though it was supposed to be spicy, it really wasn't at all.  The Baked Maccaroni Incasciati (15.5), which had eggplants and meatballs - two things I'm not too fond of - ended up being pretty good.  The servings were all a decent size - probably good for one when hungry.

The meal was decent, but the service wasn't all too friendly.  The waitress seemed a bit demeaning, from when she first seated us, during the meal, and up to when we paid for the bill.  The table was also unset when we sat down, and it took a long time for them to serve us water and take our orders.  It may be due to the possibility that it's family owned - but they should really get it together!  It's a pity because the food is quite decent, and the place is really cute.
Gnocchi Mushrooms
Baked Maccaroni Incasciati
Penne "all" Arrabbia
Risotto Marinara
Didn't know if this was decor or for eating?...
Price: 20AUD/person | $$
Rating: 4/5

10 Manchester Lane
Melbourne, VIC 3000
#: (03) 9090-7634
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