La Belle Miette (Melbourne CBD, VIC)

When I first had macarons, I didn't particularly think they were anything amazing.  They were just expensive bits of baked goods that were bougie and weird tasting, but the more I tried them, the more I liked them! Oh, noes!

I went on a bit of a macaron spree this time in L.A., trying places like Lette and Bottega Louie - which were both excellent, by the way.  There aren't any macaron boutiques around Brisbane, though there is Le Bon Choix, whose macaron's are way too brightly colored for my taste.  Again, my aversion to food coloring - especially when not used sparingly.  They may taste good, but I'm not too keen on trying them, alongside the ones at Copenhagen ice cream shop in Myer Centre.  Because I havn't found a place in Brisbane, and La Belle Miette seemed so popular, I just had to give it a try while in Melbourne!

I chose the Pimms & Pomegranate, Rose, Raspberry Chocolate, and Pistachio.  I typically go for the classic flavors - Rose, Pistachio, Salted Caramel, etc. but I decided that the Pimms & Pomegranate was my favorite.  It was fruity and refreshing - not too sweet, and not overwhelming.  The rose was also done really well, as were the other flavors.  I was expecting the raspberry chocolate to be too sweet, but it was actually a perfect balance between the two flavors!  I would definitely recommend this romantic-esque shop to any macaron connoisseur.
"Hot Cross Bun" Macarons
Price: ~2.5AUD/macaron | $-$$
Rating: 4/5

La Belle Miette (Website)
30 Hardware Lane
Melbourne CBD, VIC 3000
#: (03) 9024-4528
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