Jam Jar (West End, QLD)

After having a bit of cabin fever for no particular reason at all, I decided to head out to West End.  I had meant to go to Blackstar Coffee, but they stopped serving food when I had arrived, so I went to Jam Jar instead.  I really should gave gone to Lock n Load, as it has been on my wishlist for a while...

I was greeted by a friendly bartender, who directed me to the courtyard in the back, where I was seated promptly.  I went for the pot of chai tea (3.5), though regretted it a bit, as I should have tried out their latte skills.  I have my own little collection of chai tea at home, and this one didn't quite compare to any of the ones I have.  Sad.  I then decided on the 'kinda-scotch-but-not' crumbed eggs, salmon gravlax, walnuts, sourdough, and creme fraiche (17.5).  The dish wasn't exactly what I had expected, and while the salmon gravlax slices were nice and thick, with a tinge of lemon flavor, everything else was just bland.  I didn't like the breading of the crumbed eggs, as it tasted too much like stale oil and breading, and didn't have any other flavor to it.  Not to mention - if this is for one person - two egg yolks is not healthy and overly heavy and dry.  Australia claims to be the fattest nation?  Well, this dish ain't helpin'.  Also, the walnuts were fresh, but didn't add flavor to what I was eating.  I understand they're trying to be creative, but the textures and flavors of the egg, salmon, and walnuts just did not go well  together.  On top of that, it was hard to eat all parts of the dish at the same time, and when I did, it was just not that great.  The creme fraiche at the bottom of the eggs also didn't contribute anything.  In fact, it had some kind of aftertaste that made me sick.  I will commend them on their choice of sourdough, though. It was one of the best sourdoughs I've had around Australia, but hardly worth getting the dish for.

Maybe I chose the wrong dish for my liking (though all the ingredients I like quite a bit), but this was definitely a miss.  Especially for such a price.  I was sorely disappointed at the food, and the service for some reason was just really awkward for me.  The decor is rather cute and interesting, with the murals and relaxed areas, but with my time here, I don't think I'll be returning.
Price: 20-25AUD/person | $$-$$$ (for the portions)
Rating: 2.5/5
Tips: Only come here if you're patient enough for a long wait for food.  Seems to be the general consensus amongst many reviews.

Jam Jar (Website)
138 Boundary St.
West End, QLD 4101
#: (07) 3844-3395
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