Bunker (Milton, QLD)

For our almost-regular Tuesday lunches, we decided to head to Mrs. Luu's to grab a sandwich, and ended up giving in to our desires for an iced hot chocolate!  Oh, the calories!

I've been wanting to try Bunker for the longest time, and today was the day.  I love the vine covered hub, which reminds me of a burrow, and of a cafe that I used to visit back in L.A.  Instead of getting my usual latte, I went for the bottled ice dark chocolate (5).  I'm not the biggest fan of hot chocolate, as it's usually too sweet and heavy for me to finish (I know, strange, because I can finish a whole Chipotle burrito), but I decided that the unusually warm weather called for an iced chocolate.

We were greeted by a really friendly barista who helped us right away - and well - the iced dark chocolate and dark chocolate mocha were pre-bottled, so there wasn't much work.  The iced dark chocolate, typically made with organic milk and fair trade chocolate, was quickly consumed!  It wasn't too sweet, and I would definitely go for it again.  The iced dark mocha was also really good, and not at all grainy, which often happens in a lot of mochas.  My only complaint was that the bottles were a bit harder to open (I prefer Bean's bottles), and the straws were too short and kept falling in!  The drinks were so delicious it didin't matter though....
Price: ~5AUD/iced drink | $-$$
Rating: 4.5/5
Tip: Bring cash! 50c charge on purchases under $10. Just get two bottled drinks! Problem solved. =P

21 Railway Terrace
Milton, QLD 
#: (04) 2212-4767
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  1. Thanks for the kind words =D

    I have let the manufacturer know there is a problem with the lids of the bottles. They are supposed to be looking into it. It's been happening for a little while now.

    And yes, we need longer straws! I'll put it on my task list for Monday.

    We are currently using Maleny Dairies un-homogenised milk. We usually use Barambah Organics milk. Both are tasty, but Barambahs cows are short on milk at the moment.

    Oh, and we do have EFTPOS. We have no limit, but we do have a 50c surcharge if the transaction is under $10.

    Thanks again.

    1. Oh oops! I'll update it. =)

      We were seriously all craving your drinks again the next day!


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