Brother Baba Budan (Melbourne CBD, VIC)

The choice was between Seven Seeds, and Brother Baba Budan, another popular cafe that serves Seven Seeds coffee - and well, I chose this one.  I decided against Seven Seeds Cafe, as I've heard mixed reviews about how they serve their coffee...

The place was decorated with fresh flowers, which I liked, and although a small little cafe, there were lots of chairs.  Speaking of chairs...their ceiling is also lined with chairs!  It's no longer novel to decorate with chairs on walls and ceilings, and although it made me a little apprehensive, it's an interesting and memorable idea.

I had a regular latte, as I wanted to compare it to other lattes I'd had on this trip.  The latte was smooth, and not quite as aromatic as the one at Market Lane Cafe, but it was less acidic, and possibly better.  The latte wasn't bad in any way, just a bit disappointing.  If I was in Melbourne CBD, I would probably return, but it just wasn't that awesome!  I wonder if I just chose bad places to have coffee in Melbourne, as I wasn't blown away by any of the cafes that I visited this time around.  Maybe it was just bad luck, but I will keep looking for something as good as Intelligentsia or even Philz!
Price: 4AUD/cuppa | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5

Brother Baba Budan
359 Little Bourke St.
Melbourne, VIC 3000
#: (03) 9606-0449
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  1. I live in Melbourne and still haven't tried this place out! Thanks for your blogpost - this place is next on my list :)


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