Blackball (Melbourne CBD - Chinatown, VIC)

Of course we were going to try out some boba places in Melbourne!  Brisbane lacks a variety of boba places, and although ChaTime remains one of the best boba/milk tea/bubble tea places I've had, I still wanted to try some of what Melbourne has to offer.

To test out the place, I had the green milk tea with boba (a.k.a. pearls, tapioca), a pretty standard drink.  The pearls were a little smaller and denser than that of ChaTime, which I've gotten really used to, but I really liked them!  They were very "Q" - chewy, bouncy - whatever is the best description for tapioca - and I would recommend trying them out!  The milk tea was nothing special, but not fake and powdery tasting, which some places' teas are like.

What I really wanted to try was their mango shaved ice, but it's neither mango season, nor warm enough for it, so me and Jo decided against it.  I was sad, but alas, one can't have everything.
Price: 5AUD/person | $ ($-$$ for drinks!)
Rating: 4/5

Blackball (Facebook)
206 Bourke Street Shop 8
Melbourne, VIC 3000
#: (03) 9662-2880
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