A Little Bird Told Me (Melbourne CBD, VIC)

With the cutest name ever and located on the art supplies lane in the city, A Little Bird Told me is a warm and bright cafe that specializes in coffee, but also offers pastries.  I only had their rhubarb pastry (5), and didn't have a coffee, which I shouldn't have done!  I really should have tried their take on Seven Seeds coffee, but their pastry was also good.  I was dismayed that they couldn't toast it for me though!  It was definitely an expensive pastry, which I would have enjoyed way more if it was heated up.  I didn't quite fancy that they don't kitchen - including something as simple as an oven, but maybe they're just starting up?  Their excellent service made up for my dismay though. =)

The place was friendly - from the decor to the service.  The baristas were really attentive, but let one of us leave without paying for the coffee.  We went back later, of course, but it seemed a bit disorganized. Either way, really cute place, pretty good location, and a great place for a nice quiet chat or study.
Price: $-$$ (for pastries)
Rating: 4/5
29 Little La Trobe St.
Melbourne, VIC 3000
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