Sushiro (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

I was originally quite opposed to the pre-made roll sushi idea when I first came to Brisbane.  Firstly, the nori (seaweed) is completely soggy and soft in something that is pre-made.  Secondly, the idea of uncut rolls that aren't handrolls was new to me - especially as fast food.  Take-out uncut sushi rolls aren't something you find in Taiwan, Japan, or even the U.S., so I was rather amused at first.

After trying several places around the city, including LR Sushi and ones in Myer center, my favorite is somehow still Sushiro on Adelaide Street.  I know that LR Sushi is way more popular for some reason, but I really didn't like what they do with their sauces, and the ingredients actually didn't taste as fresh as Sushiro's, which is pretty much across the street.  I got the fresh salmon roll, and the salmon was indeed fresh!  I also got the dragon roll, which was also good.  They don't skimp on their ingredients, like some of the other sushi take-out stands, so if you're looking for a quick sushi fix in the city, I recommend Sushiro!
Price: ~2.5AUD/roll | $
Rating: 3.5/5

Adelaide Edward St.
Brisbane City, QLD 4000


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