Pane E Vino (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

The recent bipolar weather has been driving me a bit mad and inducing my laziness, so I havn't been cooking as much as I should be.  These days call for random eat-out weeknights, and since Jo was craving Italian, we decided on Pane e Vino.  I've been here before and found it quite mediocre for what it's worth, but for the sake of time, we decided on this conveniently located restaurant.

The ambience is quite casual, especially for a semi-pricy Italian restaurant.  Might be because it's also a cafe-type restaurant?  It didn't bother me, especially since they had celebrity designed plates on their wall - which honestly is a bit random.  No complaints though, cause they have a plate designed by Billy Martin of Good Charlotte (as well as Geoffrey Rush and Cate Blanchett).  =P

I don't quite remember what I ordered last time, but this time around I got the Gnocchi Alla Boscaiola (23), which was a gnocchi with bacon, mushrooms, and shallots in a creamy tomato sauce.  I wasn't too impressed with the sauce at first, but the more I had it, the more I actually liked it.  They were generous about the bacon and mushrooms, which made up for the mediocre gnocchi...Not there was nothing wrong with the gnocchi, but it was a bit flour-y and not as chewy as I liked.  I also had a taste of the Papparadelle Pesto e Pollo (25.5), which was a chicken pesto in a spinach cream sauce.  It was decent, but I was satisfied with my choice.  Though the pasta was just average for the price, the service was a 5/5 that night - attentive and friendly, just the way it should be!  I would say (at least that night) it was one of the better places I've had in Brisbane, service-wise.
Papparadelle Pesto e Pollo
Terrible photo but I just HAD to put it up!
Price: 25AUD without drinks | $$
Rating: 3.5/5

Pane E Vino (Website)
124 Albert St.
Brisbane City, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3220-0044
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