Pancake Manor (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

Following the performances at Ashintosh Coffeehouse I, a fundraiser for the Ashintosh Foundation, the band and friends headed out to the city to grab some late night at Pancake Manor!  I don't know if it's worth getting excited over, as my last experience here wasn't all that great... but it is the only place around open till late!

I had the waffles with ice cream last time, and was not at all impressed.  What they call Belgian waffles are a very thin waffle of inferior texture - and the blueberries I had with them were quite disappointing.  I also had the basket of chips (5.5) last time, which was decent, but not great, as they weren't crispy on the outside, and a bit soggy on the inside.  This time around, I was craving something salty, so I decided on the hash browns (6.5).  They were burnt on both sides - which is usually a sign of a nice crunchy texture - but in this case, it meant an impressively hard to handle slab of potato.  When I mean impressive, I mean it was hard to break apart, hard to pick up with a fork, and just unpleasant in general.  I didn't know one could mess up hashed browns so terribly, but I suppose a place that opens 24 hours in Brisbane is one of a kind, and doesn't need to serve good food...
Someone photobombed! =P
"Hash brown"
Price: 10-15AUD/person | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

Pancake Manor (Website)
18 Charlotte St.
Brisbane City, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3221-6433
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