Lady Marmalade (Greenslopes, QLD)

Another exam down! Just a little bit before a sweet, and rather short vacation to Melbourne!  We were good girls and attended lecture after our exam, so we decided to treat ourselves to a delicious lunch at Lady Marmalade, another cafe that's been on my wish-list for quite a while now.  It's another one of those suburbia cafes, and although a bit smaller than I expected, it was quite a cute little place with windowsills lined with trinkets.  It took a while to get here by bus, so by the time we got there, we were famished!

All three of us ordered the Saigon coffee, which is a novelty that just might be increasing in popularity in Brisbane!  It's a Vietnamese style iced coffee (sometimes slow dripped) with condensed milk as the sweetener, and it's super delicious.  It can be a little too sweet if you mix all the condensed milk in, but I would definitely recommend it.  It even came with cute flamingo and cactus stir sticks!

I had a difficult time deciding between the special Japanese fried chicken sandwich and the Hanoi style steak sub.  I chose the latter, which is a shredded beef brisket with veggies on a sourdough bread, which was pretty much like a fusion Vietnamese sandwich (banh-mi).  The meat was really tender, and although it was a bit sweet, I liked it!  I think it was actually the condensed milk "bungalow mayo" that I was tasting, but the herb and sprout slaw balanced it all out.  The allale rice crackers on the side amused me too.  The other items on their menu also sounded good, so we are thinking of revisiting this place one day...

Terrible photos but they looked delicious in real life! 
Price: 15-20AUD/person | $$
Rating: 4/5

269 Logan Rd. Shop A
Stones Corner, QLD 4120
#: (07) 3324-2480
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