Kuan-Yin Tea House (Fortitude Valley, QLD)

The weeks have been passing by so quickly, and honestly, it's a bit concerning since I havn't been prepping much for pretty much the most important exam of my life! Well, the "specialty-determining" one, that is...

To 'drown our sorrows' in the rain (or not), a few of the girls decided to go out to lunch at Kuan-Yin, a popular vegetarian hub in the Valley that looks quite homey from the outside.  We had high hopes for this place due to its ratings, but I can't say we can support the good reviews.  I only had the Fried Dumplings [鍋貼] (5.9), which was fried nicely, but the filling was mostly cabbage, without much variation, and wraps were just alright.  They weren't anything special, but they were good enough to finish.  We all shared the Taiwanese Fried Chicken (5.9), which obviously wasn't actual chicken, and while the texture was alright, the flavor tasted nothing like it should have - not to mention, it was a rather stingy portion.  I also got a Jasmine Green Milk Tea (3.5), which was the average - probably made with powdered tea.  The boba/pearls weren't great either, so I think I'll just stick to Cha Time.

The other girls had soup noodles, which allegedly weren't too great either, so I don't know what to think of this place.  Since I didn't eat a 'proper meal' - something hot and not just a snack...so I'm afraid I can't say much.  My over impression does want to say that there are better places to go around the valley though...
Fried Dumplings 
Taiwanese Fried Chicken
Price: 10AUD | $
Rating: 3/5

198 Wickham St.
Fortitude Valley, CA 4006
#: (07) 3252-4557
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