Campos Coffee Revisit (Fortitude Valley, QLD)

Cabin fever!  With midterms and deadlines coming and going (and still coming), I've mostly been in my apartment, trying to focus and get some studying down...It really does prove to be quite difficult to keep pressing on without some down time, so me and Jess decided to have brunch out at Campos Coffee.  We both agree that Campos is a pretty decent cafe, though a bit on the expensive side.

We both went for the iced coffee (4.5), which really ended up being room temperature.  It was extremely humid and hot out, and there wasn't enough ice to actually cool the coffee, which I was a bit disappointed about.  I decided on the Papardelle Pasta with Vongole Clams, etc. (18) since I was in the mood for pasta, which I havn't had in a really long time!  I miss good, cheap Italian food, which is quite hard to come by in Brisbane.  The pasta was a perfect al dente, and the sauce was a light olive oil, which I liked, but the clams weren't particularly impressive.  About half of them weren't done, and they were lacking in meat.  Overall, it wasn't too salty, but possibly could have used a little more flavor or some white wine in the sauce.  Jess got the Roast Beef Ciabatta, which sounded pretty good - and while it tasted good, they were a bit stingy on the meat.  This place is popular and busy as usual, and while it's not the best in Brisbane, it is consistent and has a monthly menu.  I just wish there was AC, but since it's an open cafe...
Price: 22AUD drink + main | $$
Rating: 3.5/5

Campos Coffee QLD (Facebook - for monthly menu pictures)
11 Wandoo Street
Fortitude Valley, 4006
#: (07) 3252-3612
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