Bitter Suite (New Farm, QLD)

For a birthday celebration, a group of us made our way to Bitter Suite, a lovely tapas restaurant with an extensive selection of handcrafted beers, the latter of which seems to be the attraction.  The ambience takes on that of a bar, but with romantic touches here and there.  The velvet brocade wallpaper was my favorite!  When I made a booking here, they asked if I was going to the Powerhouse, so I'm assuming it''s a popular destination for those seeing a show.

Between the seven of us, we had several dishes to share, and I won't bother describing each of them, but my favorite was definitely the Crispy Pork Terrine (12).  I wasn't sure what to expect, since terrine is usually a pate of some sort, but this was a fried(?) patty of minced pork meat and bits.  It was a bit fatty, but really tender and melted in our mouths.  It was also the only dish we went for twice!  The Roast Pumpkin (12) was also done pretty well - taste-wise and presentation-wise, and I liked the radish tzatziki.  The Duck Pancakes (15) are the house special, but it wasn't mind-blowing, as it just tasted mostly like hoi-sin sauce.  The meat was tender, and the wrap wasn't overly doughy, so it was decent, even though the presentation was a bit messy.  The other dishes were just mediocre, but not terrible. (Pictures below!)

Those that had beer seemed to like what they chose, and the mixed drinks were also decent.  I liked the classic mojito that Jess ordered, as they were very generous with the mint and I could smell it from across the table.  (It wasn't overwhelming though!)  My Bitter Suite Sunset was also good. Grapefruit drinks always serving me well!  After drinks, we were in search for dessert, as Bitter Suite's choices were a bit limited and weren't particularly appealing to the birthday girl, so we ended up taking a stroll...
Roast Pumpkin
Crispy Pork Terrine
Duck Pancakes with hoi-sin sauce
Confit Chicken Wings with habanero, sweetcorn, and chorizo
Hand Cut Wedges 
Price: 20AUD/person without drinks | $$
Rating: 4/5

Bitter Suite (Beer Menu)
75 Welsby St.
New Farm, QLD 4005
#: (07) 3254-4426
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