Bean (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

On a search for some coffee (other than at Alen's) on a weekday, I walked down George Street, originally heading towards Frisky Goat, which I've been meaning to try.  Instead, I saw the sign for Bean, and having passed it several times, I thought, hey, why not walk through this shady looking garage and dumpster (looked like one) and see what's up?

I walked up to a chalked door and a short flight of stairs down into a kitschy, cute, nicely air conditioned cafe, and was greeted by a really eccentric but friendly barista.  I was just looking for a cuppa to-go, but was rather tempted to plant myself and look around.  The cafe isn't big, but there is a good amount of table space, either to study at or to play the many board games that this place houses!  I was quite pleased at their game selection of Cluedo, Scrabble, Jenga, and more!  This is also one of the few cafes in Brisbane that provide free wi-fi. So much win!

As for the coffee, I've only had their skinny latte, which I do enjoy.  For Brisbane, it is definitely good - a bit bold, but not overly dark, like I find the places around here.  The coffee has a bit of a fruity or nutty aftertaste - I can't quite tell (must have it again!).  I think I wanna try their bottled ice coffee though!  I wasn't sure if they had food to offer, as I only saw some cupcakes on display, but it looked like they might serve sandwiches...

Alleyway cafes seem to be very characteristic of Brisbane's hip cafes, and although my friends know me to always find these places with shady entrances, quite a few of them turn out to be good, if not intriguing!  All in all, this is one of my favorite places so far - the ambience, board games, free wi-fi, and the barista!
Price: 10AUD coffee + food | $
Rating: 4/5

181 George St.
Brisbane City, QLD 4000
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