Tobaki (Sunnybank, QLD)

When one is trying to tone up and lose the weight - ACYE, or all you can eat, restaurants, aren't the best places to go.  I pretty much ignored that fact, and decided to have ACYE Korean BBQ with a few friends in Sunnybank (yes, this is now back in Brisbane).

Being rather out the way by bus/public transportation, I was quite glad to have friends with cars, so we made it without having to walk in the rain for a while.  I must say, I was a bit surprised that the seating was pretty much all outside for this restaurant (thankfully under a shed).  Apparently one of the cheap to moderately priced ACYE K-BBQ places in Brisbane (it was 27.5 pp for dinner), this place really doesn't have that big of a variety of meats.  They pretty had one type of marinade for each meat, which was cut interestingly to what I was expecting.  The meat was thicker than I expected - which, if you're trying to eat more, then it's a good things - but I think I prefer the thinner cuts.  The marinade for the pork didn't quite hit the spot, and one of the marinades was a bit sweet for my taste, but I did find that the chicken was my favorite.  They had a good variety of side dishes, including japchae (glass noodle 'salad'), as well as dumplings, soup, etc.  Not the most impressive food-wise, but the lady was super nice - quite possibly because our token Korean spoke up. ;)

Note: They play continuous K-POP on tv, pretty loudly - so it can get a bit annoying, but if you're into that, then this might be your place! -
++Make reservations!
Price: 27.5AUD/person for dinner | $$$
Rating: 3/5

U8/158 Gowan Rd.
Sunnybank, QLD QLD 4109
#: (07) 3345-9994
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