Super Bowl Chinese Restaurant (Fortitude Valley, QLD)

Me and a friend were in the Valley to check out the food truck Yelp event, but since it was extremely crowded with no place to sit, so we decided to find a dine-in spot to eat.  It was already pretty late at night, so we chose the first restaurant that looked popular, which just happened to be Super Bowl.

I had the roast duck noodles (16.5), which I actually enjoyed, other than the fact that it was a bit salty.  The duck, though there wasn't that much meat, the skin was surprisingly crispy.  I really enjoyed the duck, despite the soup base being salty.  The noodles were just ok, but I did like that the noodles came with a generous portion of bok choi.  I also tried the fried tofu, which was freshly fried, though it is more of an appetizer than a main meal.  When we were there, two birthdays were being celebrated, so they played this cheesy soundtrack of children singing "Happy Birthday," - which, if you want to embarrass your birthday friend, this is it! It became a little obnoxious, but the friendly service made up for it.

Price: 15-20AUD pp | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

185 Wickham St.
Fortitude Valley, QLD
#: (07) 3257-2188
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