SinBala [辛巴樂] (Arcadia, CA)

I'm backtracking to one of the first places I ate at on my trip to L.A. this last January, a casual Taiwanese restaurant called SinBala.  They serve a huge variety of Taiwanese food and snacks, and are known for their homemade Taiwanese sausages, which I havn't had in a good while!  Me and Emily went for lunch, and since it was just the two of us, we had the Sinbala Sausage Rice [辛巴樂香腸飯], Spicy Won-Tons[紅油抄手], and the Chicken Nuggets [鹽酥雞].

I just had to try the sausages, since they're homemade, and though they weren't as flavorful and good as the Hei Ciao brand from Taiwan, they were less oily, and still good.  The Sausage Rice (6.50), came with cabbage and corn, and I was impressed by the amount of food there was.  The Spicy Won-Tons (4.25) were just okay.  They didn't taste super authentic, but they didn't have unusual flavors (as they do sometimes) that make the won tons taste funny.  The Chicken Nuggets (4.5), which are usually called Popcorn Chicken, were delicious, as they always are, and I liked that they topped it off with basil, which I love with fried Taiwanese goodies!  I don't know how to describe them, other than the fact that they are typically made with yam batter, and they almost taste the same all-around - with just variation on how generous they are with the chicken-to-batter ratio, and SinBala's is good.  Cheap prices + friendly service = stamp of approval!
Sinbala Sausage Rice
Chicken Nuggets
Spicy Won-Tons
Price: 8USD/person | $
Rating: 4/5

651 W. Duarte Rd. Ste.F
Arcadia, CA 91007
#: (626) 446-0886
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