Ruth's Chris Steak House (Pasadena, CA)

For a family dinner, seven of us went to Ruth's Chris in Pasadena for a good juicy steak.  I had only ever been to Morton's, and only years ago, so I was anticipating our trip (sort of for comparison), especially since I havn't had steak in a long time.  Ruth's Chris's is an American-styled steak house, both in food and decor, so naturally, I expected the portions to be big.  The restaurant's history is displayed on its walls, and the lighting romantic (and therefore dim), so once again, forgive me for the terrible (and lack of) pictures!  The quality of my posts - particularly the pictures - have been declining at the cost of having more photos up.  Is it a good idea to have more photos at the cost of quality?

We had the calamari to start, which was also doused in sauce.  This was in a sweet and sour sauce, which came witha  lemon.  I really liked the lemon with a cover (so it doesn't spray everywhere).  The calamari wasn't as sinewy and chewy as I would have liked, and there was too much sauce, but it was decent.  Since we weren't too hungry, we shared a prix fixe between the pairs of us.  I had the Caesar salad to start, which was doused with dressing and a bit of an overload, especially with all the fresh cheese (which I would've liked without all the dressing).  Since we are all Hobbits at heart, we had to choose the mashed potatoes (although the mushrooms were a close second choice), which were creamy and smooth.  We all kept picking at it throughout the night, even when we were full.  We got the ribeye as our main, or entree (in the U.S.), which was drenched in butter and made me a little apprehensive.  The medium rare ribeye had a nice crisp on the outside, and was tender and juicy on the inside, but I felt as if they cheated by using all that butter to keep the steak moist.  I would give the steak itself a 3.5/5, just because the texture was good, but made me a little sick from all the butter.  The dessert was a chocolate peanut butter mousse cake with dark chocolate ganache and berries, which was just as rich as the other dishes.  I love peanut butter, so this was m kind of "cake" (more of a cupcake).  The cake was moist, and the mousse and ganache were really rich and sweet.  I enjoyed dessert, but perhaps it was a bit much after all that food!
Mashed Potatoes
Price: $50+pp | $$$
Rating: 3.5/5 (for unhealthiness and too much butter!)

369 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91101
#: (626) 583-8122
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