Piaf (South Brisbane, QLD)

On a whim, I decided I'd treat myself to something nice for breakfast after my trip to the physio.  Having so many options on a weekday, I wasn't quite sure where to go, but finally decided on Piaf, since it's been on my wishlist for so long.  I'd passed Piaf plenty of times before, and since it's on a popular corner in South Bank, it's easy to find.

The open-aired restaurant (which unintentionally has been the theme of my fooding destinations) is a casual classy one, with several different choices of seating, both inside and out.  I was greeted by some friendly waitresses and took my seat of choice.  I biked to South Bank, so I was thirsty by the time I got to Piaf, so I started with the Raspberry Smoothie with Yogurt & Honey (7).  I was not super impressed with the size of the smoothie - I mean, err, I'm paying $7 here... But I actually did like how it tasted - thick, tart, and very berriful!  There were real raspberries, which is to be expected, and if it wasn't for the price, I'd probably go for it again!  I mean, it's no Jamba Juice sugar candy smoothie, but it's healthier and is a different kind of good.

For my savory craving - which is pretty much always - I had the Smoked Salmon Toasted Bagel with baby spinach, lemon creme fraiche, capers, & red onion (14).  The presentation was gorgeous, which is always delightful, but taste always, always comes first.  I removed some of the creme fraiche, and dug in!  The process of eating this bagel was er, not too pretty, but it was so delicious that I pretty much devoured it.  The smoked salmon wasn't fishy and tasted fresh, the spinach was a nice twist to the usual salmon bagel, making it a bit less dry, and overall, the textures just blended really well together as a hot toasted bagel.  My only complaint is that there was half a bagel?  I understand that it may very well be for the presentation...but I wanted my other half of the bagel!  =P

I enjoyed my meal, and while it wasn't quite as good as I had anticipated for how much this place has been visited, there is quite possibly a chance for me to return for lunch, maybe?

Price: 20AUD/person for breakfast | $$
Rating: 4/5

Piaf (Website)
182 Grey St. Shop 8
South Brisbane 4101
#: (07) 3846-5026
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