Noggi (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

On a whim, some of the girls decided to go for some fro-yo after a good, but long-running clinical session at the hospital.  We decided on Noggi, which seems to be the most popular choice amongst the multitudinous fro-yo shacks that have been popping up.  Brisbane's catching onto the fro-yo trend!  I hadn't had fro-yo for a while and had been eyeing this place, so I was kind of excited!

Noggi's not a self-serve place like a lot of fro-yo places, but sometimes, it's a good thing.  Usually, it means that the fro-yo tastes better - for whatever reason... It's like Pinkberry vs. all the other self service places in Caliofornia.

I couldn't decide between the flavors, and really wanted a cone, but I couldn't resist the mochi (which can't be done with a cone) so I went for a sizable cup of the Original and the Blood Orange.  The Original, or tart, was really quite good - and while not as tart as Pinkberry, it was an addicting flavor.  The Blood Orange was also surprisingly good, considering the fact that I don't particularly like anything but tart fro-yo.  I also tried the Green Tea, and really liked that one too!  Next time - and yes there will be a next time - I think I'ma go for the Green Tea in a cone! And maybe sit on their awesome astroturf "grass" stuff.
Price: ~5AUD | $
Rating: 4.5/5

Noggi (Brisbane Website)
91 Queen St. Shop 9B
Brisbane City, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3210-2778
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