New Shanghai (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

Lately, friends have been trying to convince me that Chinese food exists in Brisbane.  I've never doubted its existence... but the good stuff is hard to come by.  Fairly new to Brisbane is New Shanghai, the newest addition to an established Shanghainese restaurant chain in Sydney.  The ambience is one based on an old Chinese dining parlor, with wooden furnishings, traditional-looking decor, and walls of vintage posters and paintings.

The thing about Shanghainese food is that it's carbs, carbs, carbs!  I love carbs, but it is a bit hard to control yourself when things taste good, and then it's all over.  I personally love Northern Chinese food because of all the carbs - soup noodles, dry noodles, rice cake, dumplings, and more dumplings!  Yes please. =)

We got the Drunken Chicken, Steamed Pork Dumpling Buns [Xiao Long Bao, 小龍包], Shallot Pancake [蔥油餅], and the Stir fried Chinese rice cake with Shepherd's purse & shredded pork [炒年糕] between the three of us, and it was an adequate amount of food.  The Drunken Chicken looked poor, and tasted too much like rice wine, and the other spices (except for salt!) were not quite there.  The dish just tasted too much like alcohol and salt, and too little of much else.  Their Xiao Long Baos (7.5) are actually ok, with meat, as well as some vegetable inside (which isn't typical), and the flavoring was alright.  It didn't deserve a standing ovation, and was definitely not even close to being as delicious as the ones at Din Tai Feng.  The first comment one of my friends made was that the makers (in the window up front) looked "noob," and that the dumplings weren't quite uniform...

The Shallot Pancake (6) was an interesting shape, and not at all what I expected, as it was much bread-ier than the usual.  I would just recommend buying the store-bought frozen ones from Yi-Mei.  Those are absolutely delicious an easy to make. And economical. =)  Lastly, we had the stir fried rice cake (11.8), which is actually one of my favorite dishes ever, but this one was quite disappointing.  The texture of the rice cake was good, but the flavoring was just all wrong.  Everything else had been quite salty up to this point - but this dish ended up being pretty tasteless after all that flavorful food.  My overall experience was average, but the service was a bit frazzled, as they brought the wrong food to us twice.  I would return, out of curiosity about their other dishes, but I wouldn't particularly say I would recommend this place for delicious, unadulterated Chinese food.
Drunken Chicken
Rice Cake
Price: ~$15pp | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

New Shanghai (Website)
226 Queen Street (in David Jones Shopping Centre)
Brisbane City, 4000
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