Earl of Sandwich (Downtown Disney - Anaheim, CA)

I never really knew what to eat in Downtown Disney when I have a park-hopper or just want something to nom on at night after the park closes...but now there is the great Earl of Sandwich!  If you've ever been to Downtown Disney and tried to find a place to dine - most are expensive and set at about $20 per person, for food that isn't spectacular...

Early of Sandwich is a casual sandwich chain that recently opened (with recently being in the past year) in Anaheim, which serves up delicious hot sandwiches at reasonable prices.  Not to mention they open late!  So, on me and Emily's Dland date, we shared a Boudin clam chowder bowl for lunch, and had Earl of Sandwich for dinner.  So much delicious sourdough and bread to go around. Mm, mm!

I went for The Original 1762 sandwich (5.99), which is a freshly roasted beef, sharp cheddar, and creamy horseradish sauce.  The roast beef was a little dry, especially since the sandwich didn't have any veggies, but it was still very tasty.  I also really liked the Chicken Pesto Pomodoro (a Winter Special), which Emily had.  It was a little salty, but the pesto was really delicious, and overall, the sandwich was a little juicier than mine.  I would definitely recommend this sandwich place, especially if the purpose of the trip is to visit Disneyland, as it's cheap, has lots of seating, and just a short walk from the Downtown Disney monorail stop!
Chicken Pesto Pomodoro

 Sorry for the terrible photos!  It was dark out...
to make up for the bad photos.... =)
Price: ~7/sandwich | $
Rating: 4/5

Earl of Sandwich (Website)
Downtown Disney
1565 S. Disneyland Drive
Anaheim, CA 92802
#: (714) 817-7476
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