Chocolate Pavillon (South Bank, QLD)

Post-dinner, we decided to take a peek into Chocolate Pavillon, a fairly new addition to South Bank's dessert scene.  I wasn't too sure about this place, as it hasn't exactly been bustling every time I've walked by.  We decided to try it out, since we both agreed that it couldn't be any worse than San Churro, which we really just didn't have a good experience at.

As a whole, this dessert parlous is classy - or an attempt at being classy - but could have warmer lighting.  The island with the display of chocolates in the middle is a bit strange, but I guess it didn't really bother me.  We were both from dinner, so we went for some hot chocolate, though I was really tempted by the waffles.  I got the Raspberry Rumble with dark chocolate, and Jo got the Classic with dark chocolate.  Mine was interesting, and a bit hard to finish because of the extra raspberry flavor, which was nice for the first few sips, but ended up getting a bit overwhelming.  I liked that the hot chocolate wasn't too thick and too much to finish, and also not grainy from the cocoa.  After trying the Classic, I would definitely say that their hot chocolate could use more chocolate, as it was a bit lacking.  I was neither pleased nor disappointed in the hot chocolate - but I think I'd go for something else next time.
I like the cups!
Yeah, we had chocolatestaches for a bit. ;)
Price: 10-15AUD/person | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5

Chocolate Pavillon (Facebook)
13/14 Little Stanley St.
South Brisbane, QLD 4101
#: (07) 3846-6260
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