Bamboo Basket (South Bank, QLD)

Friday was me and Jo's date night, so after watching Silver Linings Playbook, we treated ourselves to dinner and dessert! But I shouldn't jump ahead of myself here.  We chose Silver Linings Playbook (even though I'd typically go for thriller and even action movies before romantic comedies) because it was nominated for eight Academy Awards, got an 8/10, and has Jennifer Lawrence in it!  It was a very 2013 movie to me - complicated-ish indie setting and plot surrounding two broken people who are stigmatized... it had all the fads going on - ballroom dancing, mental illness, football, etc.  (And I don't mean mental illness is a fad, just that of late, there has been more attention drawn to mental health.)

Anyway, the movie was at a slightly inconvenient time, so we decided to stick around South Bank for food - and chose Bamboo Basket, since we were craving something Asian.  Having passed this several times already, it seemed like a popular place, so we decided to give it a try.  We each chose a dish and got the Braised Pork Belly in Dark Soy Sauce ((18.9) with the Steamed Flour Bun (4), as well as the Leek & Garlic Stir Fried with Lamb (22.9) with rice (3/bowl).

Jo was hesitant about the pork belly at first, since it's quite fatty - but I decided I wanted that, and it turned out to be quite good, besides my first piece, which was a bit dry.  It tasted pretty authentic - maybe the closest I've had to authentic Chinese food in Brisbane so far, so I was quite impressed.  The buns were quite tiny and a bit too chewy for my liking, but they were super cute! I think they are cloud-shaped, but correct me if I'm wrong.  The lamb dish was also quite tasty - tender slices of lamb with red capsicum, onions, and leek, and the meat was tender and glazed in a hoisin (?) garlic sauce.  It was a bit salty, so we got rice, but the rice was grainy and pretty terrible, and $3 a bowl. Say, what?? Yeah, no rice for me next time - I'd rather go for their other bun/wrap choices.

Other than the fact that this place is a bit more pricey than other Chinese restaurant around, it is overall more comfortable (other than the really terrible acoustics) and more authentic than other places around Brisbane.  There's a possibility I'd try out their dim sum sometime...
Braised Pork Belly
Leek & Garlic Stir Fried with Lamb
Price: 25-30AUD/person without drinks (family style recommended) | $$-$$$
Rating: 4/5

199 Grey St. Shop 1003-1004
South Brisbane, QLD 4101
#: (07) 3844-0088
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