Amara Chocolate & Coffee (Pasadena, CA)

Back to updating my LA fooding adventures!  For my love of cinnamon and Emily's love of sweets, we decided to try out Amara, a Spanish chocolate and coffee house.  We were there for the churros and drinking chocolate, so we that's exactly what we got!

I hadn't had churros in such a long time, so it was such a treat!  The churros could have used a bit more cinnamon for my taste, but it was still delicious - not too doughy and not too greasy!  A whole cup of drinking chocolate was a bit much, but I did enjoy it more (for drinking) than Churros Calientes in LA, as the latter one is much thicker.  Amara also offers Jones coffee, which I wanted to try during my stay in LA.  This was my chance, so I had a latte, which went perfectly with the churros.  The guys there were really nice, the ambience was really comfortable, and the prices are super decent, so I would definitely recommend this place!
Price: 10USD for churros + a drink | $
Rating: 4.5/5

Amara Chocolate & Coffee (Menu)
55 S. Raymond Ave.
Pasadena, CA 91105
#: (626) 710-8831
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