Alen's Espresso (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

The best place to grab a latte in town is Alen's Espresso, conveniently located near Roma Station.  Now, everyone likes their coffee differently, so while my opinion may be subjective, I've been around Brisbane's (and other large cities') coffee scene.  And well, this place is a favorite of businessmen and anyone who works in the city.

My usual wherever I go is a skinny latte, and well, let's just say my latte experience in Brisbane has just been subpar, so I was quite pleased when I found this place.  Their lattes aren't the boldest that I've had, and while the bean itself doesn't seem to have a characteristic aroma, the roast isn't too dark and the beans don't taste burnt - which is what I've found at a lot of cafes in Brisbane.  Their coffee is smooth, and their service is really friendly and quick, all factors that I've taken into account. =)

I finally tried their food for the first time the other day - a toasted bacon, cheese and egg on sourdough sandwich - which really was just mediocre.  To be fair, I wasn't expecting much either, since their specialty is coffee - but I was disappointed nevertheless.  The bread was a bit over-toasted that it almost immediately became stale, and the cheese was wrinkly and dried up.  Really, it would have been an ok sandwich, had it not been something a bit sloppily assembled and looked like I could make at home for $2.  I would rather take my $7 across the street and have something at Noodle & Donburi, or even a burrito at Guzman y Gomez.  Either way, I'd stick to just their coffees!
Price: 4AUD/cup of coffee - 10AUD/person with food | $-$$
Rating: 4/5 for coffee // 3/5 for food

Alen's Espresso (Website)
420 George St.
Brisbane City, QLD 4000
#: (07) 3236-3742
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