Umegaoka Sushi No Midori [美登利] (Shibuya, Tokyo)

My schedule has been a bit hectic lately - traveling around Taiwan, Tokyo, and Sydney - so I've been on a mini hiatus, but I'm back!  With lots to show and tell!

On our last night in Tokyo, we went to Umegaoka Sushi No Midori in Mark City (one of many chains), located right outside the Shibuya train station!  We actually first noticed this sushi hub because of its incredible 30-person line that we kept walking past, but then I realized it's the #3 restaurant in Shibuya on TripAdvisor [which I saw online before our trip].  Since this place was so popular and convenient for us, we decided to give it a try, despite the line.

Exactly one hour later, we were seated at a wooden table inside a toasty, homey restaurant and immediately served a thick green tea.  All the menus are in Japanese, so there was a little difficulty ordering - but they do have pictures on their menu!  We ordered the Chef's Special Sushi Assortment (2,940Yen)- the most expensive item on the menu which we assumed was the best- and the Ultimate Sushi Assortment (2,100Yen).  They both came with sides (ie. soup, dessert, etc.) - but their mains were an assortment of delectable nigiris topped with fresh sashimi and other goodies.  I absolutely love sashimi, and I thoroughly enjoyed the assortment!  The sashimi was fresh, and I especially enjoyed the raw shrimp.  The assortment also included Conger eel, which is a different sort of eel to what is normally found in Japanese restaurants - the meat is a bit more tender and has less of a fish taste [possibly due to its larger size and where it grows].  We also got the Norway Roll, which mostly consisted of salmon, which is always delicious- and it was a more generous portion than we expected.  Between four people and what we ordered, we were full to the brim!  Also, I feel like I should mention that their sashimi was really fresh, as I get a minor allergy if it's not, and I didn't get one!

The service was also prompt and waiters were really friendly - the whole place was just warm from all the delicious food, friendly waiters/waitresses, and the heater! I would definitely recommend this place - especially if you're staying near the Shibuya station and traveling out from here - and are patient enough to wait in line.  Don't worry, they provide seats!
Crab Salad
Norway Roll
Ultimate Sushi Assortment
Conger Eel

Price: 15-20,000Yen, ~20-25USD pp | $$
Rating: 4/5

Sushi No Midori (Shibuya Store Website)
Mark City East Dogenzaka 4F 1-12-3 Shibuya-ku, Tokyo


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