UCC Cafe Plaza (Narita Airport, Tokyo)

Upon arriving at the Narita Airport for our departure and after all the hustle bustle of immigration procedures, we decided to make stop at UCC Coffee for a simple lunch.  UCC stands for Ueshima Coffee Co., the name of a large coffee producer in Japan.  This place serves coffee using a french press, which we didn't try cause we were over caffeinated that week, plus it was rather expensive.

We had the tonkatsu curry, which was not bad, though not particularly noteworthy, other than the fact that the curry sauce had a familiar spice that stood out [which I failed out to pinpoint].  We also had the waffles with yam.  The waffles were a bit soggy, a little more so than I would like them, but it was interesting having them with candied yams and such.  It wasn't a bad idea, except the whole plate got rather dry after a few bites.  

This place was neither expensive nor impressive [despite its warm cozy looking corner at the airport], so I wasn't disappointed, but I wouldn't particularly recommend it...
Price: 1000Yen per dish | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

UCC Cafe Plaza
Terminal 2, Main Bld. 4th Floor
#: (0)476-34-8640 

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