The Manhattan Club (Fortitude Valley, QLD)

For a Dimmi promo, I made a reservation at the Manhattan Club for dinner, which is a lounge bar inspired by the bars of New York's lower east side.  I say inspired, but the whole look of it doesn't quite hit the spot and seems a bit artificial.  I do like their concert posters along the walls upstairs, but I'd like to think there is a better way of displaying them than neatly across all the walls...

We were greeted by two eager people by the door - which was a bit weird to me - and I was a bit confused as to who to talk to about dining when I entered...  The dining is upstairs in the loft, which is a comfortable, dimly lit area attended by another waitress who was also really friendly.  Since it was late, we quickly decided on the BBQ Beef Rib Slider with Shoestring Fries (16) and the Manhattan Club Nachos (16).  The BBQ beef didn't have much of a BBQ flavor to it, but was alright along with the shoestring fries, which were really just normal thin cut fries.  They tasted fresh though, so I had no complaints - but it did get my hopes up.  The nachos were also tasty, though I found it funny that it was topped with avocado, rather than guacamole, which is usually what comes with super nachos.  Overall, the food was mediocre, tasty, but definitely overpriced (which isn't surprising since it's a bar and Brisbane).

I also had a Virgin Pina Colada (which is actually an item on the menu, 7.5), which was so watered down and didn't tast like anything!  I don't know how their alcoholic drinks are, but this wasn't a good start.  The house band was alright than night and didn't play anything cheesy or annoying, so it was alright, but got a bit loud to converse.  Overall, Manhattan Club is an interesting venue, but with all the bars that have live bands in the Valley, I'm not sure I'd recommend this one.

[Sorry the lighting was super dim and the photos are super icky!]
BBQ Rib Slider with Shoestring Fries
The Manhattan Nachos
Virgin Pina Colada
Price: 25AUD+ pp | $$
Rating: 3/5

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#: (04) 1740-4203
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