Sushi Gen (Little Tokyo - Los Angeles, CA)

On a friend's birthday, several of us went to Sushi Gen, an authentic Japanese restaurant that apparently has one of the best sushi/sashimi lunch deals in the area.  This restaurant seems to have quite a reputation since it's been around for quite a few years, and seems like it's a place that is consistent with its service and quality.  I guess it's pretty easy to believe considering our 40+ minute wait at 1pm.  Thankfully, they have a parking lot that validates diners at Sushi Gen.

Though there were seven of us, all of us either got the Chirashi Deluxe (sashimi assortment over rice) or the Sashimi Lunch Special (both $15).  Both include an assortment of the fresh raw fish available in shop that day - including tuna, toro (fatty tuna), yellowtail, octopus, as well as other assortments of shrimp and fish.  The Chirashi tends to have less sashimi and more of an assortment of other items rather than raw fish, which is better for those that don't like to have that many raw items.  The rice was really tasty, as they season it with sushi vinegar, and the texture was also really nice.  They serve complimentary miso soup, and the lunch specials come with a mini appetizer (ie. tofu).

The sashimi was mostly fresh, although some of it seemed like mediocre sashimi, and the Chirashi had more cooked items than I'd liked.  I would say that this place is good for the value (during lunch at least), but can potentially become quite expensive.  Another plus is that it's near the Japanese Village Plaza, so afterwards, you can take a peek in the stores!
Sashimi Lunch Special ($15)
Price: $20+pp for lunch | $$
Rating: 4/5

422 E. 2nd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(Little Tokyo)
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