Noodle & Donburi (Brisbane CBD, QLD)

I was never a big fan of Ajisen Ramen - but I was actually surprised when I found out it was closing down.  Replacing Ajisen is Noodle & Donburi, and modern-industrial looking low-end Japanese restaurant serving a simple but appetizing menu.  The interior is almost awkwardly spacious, but this only means that those who work in the city don't have to wait in line to grab a quit bite here during busy lunch hours.

The prices are reasonably cheap, especially for Brisbane - so we were a bit apprehensive about the quality and quantity of food that we would be receiving - but I was pleasantly satisfied with what I got.  It wasn't the most authentic or delicious bowl of udon I'd ever had, but the texture of the udon noodles were "Q" - or bouncy, and the portion was a good one (but may not be overly filling for most).  The tempura wasn't fried with the panko flakes, but it looked fresh and was not bad.  The miso soup base for the ramen that I tasted was also not bad, and I was told the ramen also had a nice texture.  I was happy with what I had, and probably would return to try the other items.

My only concern is that this week was the grand opening, and the place didn't seem to be bustling with curious customers.  This may be in part due to the spaciousness of the place - or just that people havn't discovered this place yet.  Either way, I would recommend Noodle & Donburi just for the convenience and the friendly service!
Tempura Udon
Price: 10-15 AUD pp | $
Rating: 3.5/5
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