My Heart Garden (St. Lucia, QLD)

I visited St. Lucia a while back to have a jam-rific day with a friend, and we decided to have breakfast beforehand.  Not knowing any good places to eat - especially for breakfast - I consulted Urbanspoon, and decided on this place since it's right along Hawken Drive.

I was greeted by a really nice lady when arrived, and since it was still sunny back when I visited (unlike the now with the scary hurricane weather), the cafe looked inviting with its simple, bright decor.  I ordered the mushroom on toast, which was actually quite good even though it was simple - but the bread came with too much butter!  The toast was delicious, but a little too oily for my taste (since I don't usually cook with butter) - and though this place boasts fresh and healthy food - this was definitely not healthy.

My friend had one of the vegetarian burgers, which looked more like a sandwich, but looked fresh and healthier than my choice.  I also had a latte, which was mediocre - but I wasn't expecting much and it was a nice boost.  My Heart Garden's menu is based on some sort of teaching, and they really do believe in fresh food - which I feel like can sorta be hard to come by in Brisbane restaurants.  The food arrangement was also nice for a casual (and relatively cheap) cafe, which always makes me happy!
Price: 13 AUD pp for meal + drink | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5
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