Madtongsan III Revisit (Eight Mile Plains, QLD)

The weather has been slightly freaky the past few days, with lots and lots of rain (and flooding), so me and a friend decided on something hot for lunch.  I felt like a droopy dog drenched from head to toe (since the umbrella did absolutely nothing), and I was quite happy to sit down and eat.

We shared the Sausage "Hot Pot" (31), which was perfect for three girls, but I felt like there wasn't "much there."  It was enough food, but What was in the hot pot seemed a bit petty - with some onions, sausages (which I didn't like), and some tofu bits and kimchi.  The flavor was alright, and went well with the rice, but I didn't think it was a good value at all.  I always like their caramelized and fried sweet potato as a side, which is included, and you can ask for more - so that's always a plus.

I also like the art on their wall - which is a bit random, but it brightens the place up, along with all the windows.  It doesn't look much like the usual Korean restaurant, but it's nice nevertheless.
Price: 10-15 AUD pp | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

Shop 12/261 Warrigal Rd.
Eight Mile Plains, QLD 4113
#: (07) 3841-1150
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