Kohmen [光麵 本楁中華麵店] (Shinjuku, Tokyo)

On a really cold night, the girls went to Shinjuku to do some shopping at Marui One.  We hadn't had a proper meal that morning, so we randomly chose a place along the streets on the way from the train station- and landed ourselves here.  We didn't realize Kohmen is a fairly large chain in Japan (with its interiors varying in style), but we decided ramen was a good choice for a chilly night so we walked in.

The store front is quite small, with just a row of seats along a narrow pathway - but we were glad to find that there was seating upstairs.  Even then, the whole place seats about 25 people... It was nice and toasty inside, with fairly dark lighting.  It got a little too toasty - and to my delight - I found hangers along the sides to hang our jackets on!  (Such a plus since Japanese jackets and coats are often pretty exquisite.)

There were lots of sauces on the side, which I always like, even if I don't often use them.  The menus were fairly easy to read - lots of pictures - and they had a mini English menu.  We all got the #1 Recommended ramen - the Pig Bone Broth Ramen of Soy Sauce - which is pretty standard.  We were joking about how the translated names of some Asian dishes sound a bit... icky, even if they taste great.  They say it like it is! =P  The ramen was tasty and a bit salty (as all ramen is), but good, especially with the soft boiled egg. Mmm, soft boiled eggs are my favorite!  The meat was also pretty good, and a bit thicker than normal slices in ramen.  The noodles were not as "Q" and bouncy as they could have been, and were a bit thick, but not bad at all.  Overall, this place is good value for the price, and a convenient location near the department stores and train station in Shinjuku.

Price: 800-1000Yen | $
Rating: 3.5/5

光麵 本楁中華麵店
3-32-2 1F, 2F Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Tel: 03-5919-1660

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