Kebab Box (Harajuku, Japan)

My posts are a bit out of order, but I figure I'll keep posting [mostly in order of my travels].  This is one of the last places that I went to in Japan - and also the last place in Tokyo I'll be blogging about this time around.  I really enjoyed our self-touring trip in Tokyo - no obligations to wake up early and get dropped off at temples for only an hour, or eating at icky Chinese places.  Touring by ourselves, shopping and eating at our own leisure was such a treat.

Walking along the streets of Harajuku after some shopping, we were a bit hungry and cold, and spotted this döner kebab shack on a corner along the way back to the train station [near La Foret].  I had noted this place to try as recommended by Time Out Tokyo, and so we decided to give it a try.

The meat is cooked on a vertical spit rotisserie style, and wrapped in a pita along with lots of lettuce and other veggies, and generously topped with the specialty sauce of your choice. Mmm, did it smell good!  We got the garlic, which was really tasty - but it was mayo based and ended up being a bit much.  It was still good, and we devoured it quickly!
It was dark! The pictures aren't so great...but the food is!  Oh, and they just might say "I love you" in the language of your nationality.

Price: ~500Yen per wrap | $
Rating: 4/5

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