Intelligentsia (Pasadena, CA)

There are ways I could describe a good coffee to  make it sound appealing - and even more ways to photograph a cup of coffee to make you crave it - but nothing does so well as to actually have a cup of good coffee.  One of the favorites around L.A. (also present in Chicago and New York) is Intelligentsia, a hipstermatic coffee-roaster and cafe that tastes as legit as it looks, with knowledgable and friendly baristas serving the best espresso around.  I feel like I should explain my calling Intelligentsia 'hipstermatic' - as it really is just to describe its brick-lined, low-key dim industrial-looking atmosphere that is often thought of when one describes a place as 'hipster.'  More importantly, they have a relationship with their coffee bean growers and engage in improving the infrastructure of the coffee trade, which is just one more point of awesomeness. =)

Those details may not be important to whether or not their coffe tastes good... although if you really don't enjoy the colder ambience of this sort of cafe - I suggest you leave the gossip at another place (though really you should just get a cup to go!).  Intelligentsia roasts their own coffe, and they have their own Black Cat Espresso that they have created.  Being a latte drinker, that is what I got this time around, and it was glorious!  The flavor is in no way as bold (or as dark) as many other excellent lattes I've had, but it's delicious nonetheless due to its hint of berry aftertaste and smoothness (yay awesome baristas).  Oh how I wish Brissy were able to produce such a cuppa.

Intelligentsia's coffees are a bit more pricy than what you will find around L.A. in just any ol' coffee shop, but it's well worth the change (and the wait time).  They also sell their coffee beans, as well as coffee-making tools to make your espresso-drinking dreams come true!  (Visit their site - there's much more to see and read)
Latte to go!

Price: $4+ a cup | $-$$ for California
Rating: 4.5/5 [Note: hard to find street parking]

Intelligentsia Coffee (Website)
55 E. Colorado Blvd.
Pasadena, CA 91103
#: (626) 578-1270
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