Hokkaido Milk Cafe (Shibuya, Tokyo)

On our last day in Tokyo, me and Emily decided on our last shopping trip that we would make a quick detour to nom on some Japanese parfait, which is different from the yogurt and berries parfait they have in the States.  Anyway, we had high hopes, since Emily was craving Hokkaido milk tea, as well as a Japanese parfait.

This place is inside a shopping mall on the basement level, occupying a cozy corner with cute decorations for Christmas and delicious looking models of their food.  This made ordering easy, as we could see what looked tasty - and although I love waffles, which they offer - we were there for parfait!  We got the parfait with four kinds of berries and the Hokkaido milk tea.  The parfait wasn't bad, but the berries (except for strawberries) looked frozen.  Either way, the corn flakes they add at the bottom add a nice crunch to Japanese parfait.  The Hokkaido milk tea was just alright, though it was definitely a thicker tea than most milk teas you would fine [and for me this is a good thing].

I wouldn't necessarily recommend this place, but it's a nice stop between lots of shopping!

Price: 1,000Yen | $-$$
Rating: 3/5

Hokkaido Milk Cafe

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