Half & Half Tea Express (City of Industry, CA)

One of the popular spots and frequents is Half & Half, which has a large variety of teas that come in a large Taiwanese style boba cup - a sort of a specialty at certain places.  They have honey boba, which are the large pearls, soaked in honey, which makes the extra delicious!

I'd say there drinks are a 3.5/5, and their milk tea is very strong, which I like, but their tea is just alright.  The serving size is pretty large for how much they charge (~$4/regular), and they serve special drinks like guava and rose tea.  They've also got all the Asian toppings like grass jelly and coffee jelly!  I'd like to think that the biggest plus is that it's open late and located near Round1, which is pretty much the next destination after drinks! (Although you can't bring them into Round1 at night)

They also offer brick toast (3.75), which is a nice thick toast with your choice of spread. Mmmm~

Price: ~$4 USD/regular | $
Rating: 3.5/5

17575 Colima Rd.
City of Industry, CA
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