Flour + Tea (Pasadena, CA)

Since I stayed near Pasadena when in L.A., we made quite a few trips to Old Town Pasadena and its surroundings for food and drinks.  On a tea-craving day, we decided to try Flour + Tea, a popular tea and bakery shop.  I wasn't quite expecting Asian breads (since I didn't read up on it), but they have a corner with Asian breads, as well as a display of cakes.  Though they're called a bakery, I would consider it more of a tea shop, since they have quite a variety of tea blends.

I didn't find their bread particularly enticing, and after trying the almond taro, I don't know if I would go back for more bread.  The tea, however was strong and fragrant, and I'd be tempted to go back to try their different blends.  I liked their peach green tea, but disliked the lychee green tea, and I also really liked the iced chrysanthemum tea, which was a bit unexpected.  I've never had it iced until here, and it was actually really refreshing!  I wouldn't recommend their boba/pearls though, sadly enough, as they weren't very Q (bouncy) and didn't have much texture or flavor.  

The shop isn't big at all, seating about 15 people - so if you plan on camping out to study here and use their free wi-fi, I would recommend going early.  The ambience was comfortable and bright, but I don't know if this would be my tea spot of choice.  Their service was really friendly and they give you cool twisty straws though!

Price: ~$4 per cup | $-$$
Rating: 3.5/5

238 Arroyo Parkway
Ste 110
Pasadena, CA 91105
#: (626) 698-1058
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