Coupa Cafe (Beverly Hills, CA)

Trying to fill my trip with as many meet-ups with old friends as possible, I decided to meet a couple of old friends in Beverly Hills.  Not knowing any restaurants around the area, I consulted Yelp for something interesting and new, and decided on Coupa Cafe.

I've never had Venezuelan food before, so I thought this would be quite the experience, as I didn't know what a lot of the items on the menu were.  I had the Guarapita, a Venezuelan traditional drink with soju, passion fruit juice, and sugar ($7), which was a simple and sweet drink.  We decided to order from the happy hour menu, and got the arepitas (which seems to be what they're known for), mini cachapas, pizza margherita, and the taquenos (all $5, pizza was $10).  Since pictures will describe what I had better than my words, I will just leave it up to my photos, for the most part.

Everything tasted alright, though I don't dare make a recommendation, since I don't know what authentic Venezuelan tastes like, nor did I especially like anything in particular.  The batter for everything tasted a bit sweet, which I personally didn't like, but it may just be how corn flour tastes.  The waiters were very attentive and friendly, and the ambience was cozy yet classy at the same time, so as a whole, we enjoyed our experience.
Mini Cachapas ($5 during happy hour!)
Pizza Margherita
Taquenos (cheese sticks)
A wide selection of drinks!
Coupa Cafe (Website)
419 N. Canon Drive
Beverly Hills, CA 90210
#: (310) 385-0420
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