Motode Yuan Shou Sushi [元手壽司] (Taichung, Taiwan)

As some of you may know, I'm officially on break for a few weeks and am back in the motherland!  I actually arrived in Taiwan a few days ago and have been fooding for a few days now, but havn't gotten around to posting anything cause I've been running around non-stop with family and friends...And now I have lots of delicious photos to share!

The very first place I had to stop by at for lunch upon arriving is one of the oldies but goodies - a Japanese restaurant | sushi bar called Yuan Shou Sushi (元手壽司), which I frequent whenever I'm in Taichung.  I find it to be one of the best places to have sashimi (raw fish) in Taichung - so naturally, I order mostly just that whenever I visit.  I can recommend their sashimi and their soups, but I can't speak for their cooked dishes.

I had the seared salmon, uni (which I definitely recommend for those fellow uni | sea urchin lovers), seared scallop, and ikura, which were all awesomely fresh and satisfying for the sashimi-deprived me.  The uni was plump and creamy and melted right in my mouth, and was not fishy at all (which uni can often be).  I also had the amberjack, which is also one of my favorites!  It's definitely tastier than the more common tuna, and the texture (for lack of a better word, 口感 in Mandarin) was great!  I would also recommend their salmon+ikura+uni lettuce boat, and in case you're nervous about ordering in Japanese or Mandarin, everything they have is on a picture menu (and in English), so ordering is incredibly easy.

Their Miso soup is also very delicious, as well as their Clam soup, and don't forget to leave room for their choice of two different desserts (red bean soup+mochi or soy pudding).  This place isn't the cheapest around town, but the care and pride in which they prepare their food and the freshness of every single dish is definitely worth every penny!
Amberjack Sashimi
Uni (Sea Urchin)
Seared Salmon 
Appetizer (on the house)
[photo edit - visit #2 this time around]
Fresh oyster with vinegar, combu (seaweed), shallots and ginger paste
Freshly roasted fish
Engawa (Flounder) Rice with shallots and ginger paste (this was delicious! but you can't have too much fish oil)
Conger Eel
Price: ~700NT$pp (24USD), more if you sit at the sushi bar (1000NT$+) | $$$ for Taiwan
Rating: 5/5 all around

Yuan Shou Sushi (元手壽司)
#: (04) 2258-1978

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