Watami [和民] (Taichung, Taiwan)

Me and my mum drove past the Splendor the other day and spotted this Japanese place, which we thought was a place her friend recommended, so we decided to stop by for lunch.  Watami is on the 4th floor of the mall connected to the Splendor Hotel in Taichung City, and is one of several restaurants in the mall.  The interior is dark and black+wood themed, making the cheaply priced restaurant appear sleek and more expensive than it really is.

We were greeted by really friendly waiters and waitresses, which is always nice, and seated promptly to a fairly empty restaurant.  Their menu isn't complicated, but is decked out in words and pictures - which hurt my eyes, but may be good - since I'm sure they get foreign guests from Splendor looking for food.  Either way, I went for the tempura don set meal (180NT$), of which I chose the soba (instead of udon) as my noodle, and I got iced green tea.  My mum got the saba fish meal (NT$250), and they both came with a salad with sesame dressing, and miso soup.

The food was mediocre - the soba was a bit hard, but tasted alright, and the tempura was also fine, but the batter wasn't what I was looking for.  Either way, my meal was about $6 USD/AUD, and worth it, and my mum's was a bit more cause of the fish, but the fish tasted great!  It was tender and tasty, just like grilled soba fish should be.  The downside to eating at this place is that the parking is rather difficult - but you can park underground (in the department store) - and get free parking if you spend a certain amount (ie. 500NT$ for 1 hour free parking).  Happy eating + shopping!
Soba Noodles
All for 180NT$!
Price: 200-300 NT$ pp (for lunch) | $
Rating: 3/5

Jianxing Road No.1049 4F
Taichung City, Taiwan
台中市建行路1049號 金典園道4樓
#: (04) 2310-2720

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