Ten Ren Cha for Tea [天仁茗茶] (Sydney CBD, NSW)

I was surprised to find a Ten Ren in Sydney, although, I suppose, it wasn't that surprising due to the large number of Asians in the city.  I was so excited that I had to get a specialty drink, so I got the hot barley tea with boba.  I was expecting great things, but the drink ended up tasting like starch with bits of barley in it.  It may have been a bad day or just the fact that I got half sugar, but I couldn't drink it cause it was tasteless and made me sick, and I ended up tossing it.

On top of that, the lady was a bit slow while she were making my drink, and it took over 5 minutes to put together a drink when there weren't any other customers except for me.  Also, the drink is more expensive if you want to 'dine in'...

Price: ~5 AUD/cup (7.5 for in house) | $$ for tea
Rating: 3/5

696 George Street
Sydney CBD, NSW 2000
#: (02) 9281-1887

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