Pin Tian [品田牧場](Taichung, Taiwan)

Continuing the fooding adventures in the first few days of my stay in Taiwan, we decided to eat at Pin Tian, a casual Japanese restaurant specializing in fried pork cutlet and curry.  Pin Tian itself is owned by a larger enterprise that owns a series of restaurants known for its exceptional quality control in both food and service, so naturally, this place (or chain, rather) is another popular hot spot for even the locals.

Though Pin Tian's menu is limited to mostly fried pork cutlets, as well as fried fish and chicken, this place is always bustling with people and large groups of diners due to its affordable price at 258NT$ for a set meal - including all you can eat cabbage as part of a three part appetizer, rice, miso soup, steamed egg, the pork cutlet, and apple vinegar to cool the body down.  For an extra 60NT$, you get a choice of a post-dinner drink of coffees or teas, and a choice of dessert - of which I always order the sesame ice cream!

Their pork cutlet is fried to perfection, never too dark or oily compared to any other place I've had, and it's tender, whether you get the sirloin or the normal filet.  They provide a sauce for the pork, though I personally always get the set which includes the curry and use that as my sauce.  I do like their sauce for pork, though, since it's rather fun crushing the sesame seeds with a mortar and pestle as part of the process!  Their miso soup and steamed egg are alright - nothing too special, but not bad.
Spicy Pork Cutlet
Sesame in mortar and pestle for sauce
Original Flavor Pork Filet
Bowl of curry (that's a carrot)
One of the three appetizers
Set Meal! 
Their service is extremely friendly (don't get creeped out by it), though they can be slightly wordy with everything they are required to explain about the meals.  Ooh, and for non-Chinese readers, they provide an English menu! hehe~  Something to note is that despite their affordable price, this place has an earthy yet classy interior that is simple, Japanese inspired, and well kept.  I only bother to mention these things because some restaurants in Taiwan tend to be hole in walls with dirty, unkept interiors that may be a bit offsetting to those who aren't used to the if-it's-functional-it's-fine mindset...

Price: ~300NT$pp | $
Rating: 4.5/5

Pin Tian [品田牧場]

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