Noodles Everyday [天天見] (Taichung, Taiwan)

Apparently a popular noodle spot in Taichung City, Everyday Noodles has been around for quite a while, but I've only finally made my way there recently.  This place is a brightly lit (and hard to miss) shop in an alleyway, with a nice (creepy-looking) mascot statue to greet you once you enter the spacious restaurant.  My first comment when seated was, "I feel naked" - as the seats are spaced so far apart and the restaurant decor so sparse - it made the place feel less inviting than most noodle shops that you find in Taiwan.  Their attempt at a modern industrial-look noodle house just made the place look cold.  Some may find this speck-free spaciousness a plus, but I find it less homey and warm.

We decided to order their house special noodles, the beef noodle soup, a veggie, and spicy won-tons (I order this very often in Taiwan).  We didn't get much between the four of us, and when we brought in outside drinks, they were a bit unhappy.  I had walked all the way out to grab them, so I wasn't pleased - since we had already ordered - and it wasn't like we were going to order any more or less...

The verdict on their food?  Comme-ci comme-ca.  (In other words, just okay.)  Their beef noodle soup and the spicy won-tons were not bad, but they weren't great - and no better than Din Tai Feng's.  Their house special wasn't particularly impressive and was overly salty, didn't have much flavor other than salt, even though it was sprinkled with their pickles.  Their noodles were pretty "Q" and had bounce (for lack of a better word) - in a good way - but their flavors and service hasn't convinced me to return.  Also, their apparent decline in business has me convinced their main chef has left...
Beef Noodle Soup
Spicy Won-Tons
Price: 200NT$ pp | $
Rating: 3/5

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