Manneken (Ginza, Tokyo)

Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma reunite!  We - being me and Emily - have been longing for Manneken waffles since the day that we last had them three years ago.  We spotted a long line around a corner and decided to take a peek, only to find that it was a line for Belgian waffles! We decided that it would be worth our wait, so we stood in line - just as our tour guide said Japanese people love doing - that is, standing in long lines for food.  I'm not quite sure if it was the line or our noses that brought us to Manneken - but we regretted sharing only one chocolate waffle that night!

Once again, we made our way to Ginza, but this time, it was to buy a box of Manneken waffles to munch on.  No waffle sharing for us this time!  Located on a corner in sight from the Ginza Akihabara Station exit, Manneken is a take-out shop no larger than a room, and takes its name from a popular tourist attraction - the statue of a urinating youth in Brussels (and thus the banner outside).  First opening its doors to Osaka in 1986, Manneken specializes in liege waffles, which are batter-based waffle/cakes that are a bit denser than your average breakfast waffles.  Their waffles are moist, but have a nice crunch on the outside and have the best consistency a Belgian waffle could ever have.  They're also made with pearl sugar, which gives their waffles a bit of an all-over crunch. So, so delicious!

Manneken has a variety of waffle flavors - chocolate, maple, purple potato, and chocolate marble (seasonal), as well as original and some others that change during the year.  Our favorite one is the chocolate, although maple comes in a close second.  We didn't get a chance to try the cream-filling waffles, but they looked delicious too!  We did, however, bring a few of their packaged sweets back home...

This shop is a must if you're in Tokyo (or nearby), and don't get only one after the long wait!  You'll be filled with regret. ;)
Chocolate Marble!

Price: ~150 Yen/waffle | $-$$
Rating: 5/5

Manneken Belgian Waffle (Ginza Store)
1-17-6 JR Akihabara station outside the gates opening 
Showadori Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 〒 101-0021
#: 03-5298-1725

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