Lu Sang [呂桑] (Taipei, Taiwan)

On my friend's last day in Taiwan, we decided that Taiwanese food was the way to go, so we decided on Lu Sang, a purely Yi-lan Taiwanese restaurant, down to its waitresses and its wood and brick interiors.  My friend asked why there aren't any real menus, and I think it's really because they often serve seasonal veggies and the catch of the day (laid out in front in a glass cabinet), so there aren't always guarantees on what they will be serving.  There is a set picture menu from which you can choose some of the best tasting things in the world, so have no fear!  You don't even have to read or speak Chinese!

Yong Kang Street is one of -- or pretty much the fooding street in Taipei, so there's a tea shop, as well as a shaved ice shop nearby if you're still feeling hungry afterwards.  This restaurant can be easy to miss, as their only sign is overhead.  The storefront is a narrow opening, to where you can see the catch of the day on your left, while you're greeted in Taiwanese by friendly waitresses who are eager to take your order.  I barely ever have to order when I go to restaurants in Taiwan since my family does it, but today it was up to me!  We got a total of five dishes - onion beef, fried oysters, chayote leaf veggies [龍鬚菜], ginger clam soup, and a dan dan noodle.  All the dishes were flavorful in their own right, and it all came down to be about 650NT$, with each dish being about 150NT$.

The cuisine is particularly from Yi-Lan [宜蘭], which I'm not too familiar with, but all the dishes were distinctly flavored and with good variety.  Lots of ginger, onions, and garlic is used in Taiwanese cuisine, so expect some kind variation of the three in most of the dishes.  My favorite was of course the fried oyster, as I had been waiting to have this dish again since being out of the country.  The oyster batter was crisp and light, not overly fried, and well, a must if you come here!
Onion Beef  
Chayote Leaves (aka Dragon Whisker Veggie)
Dan Dan Noodle
Ginger Clam Soup
The oysters were so fresh (and not fishy or crunchy from whatever it is oysters sometimes have) and the batter was the perfect crunch, and went well with the traditional sauce.
Fried Oyster (one of my favorites in Taiwanese food!)
Price: 330 NT$ (11 USD|AUD) | $$ ($$-$$$ for Taiwan)
Rating: 3.5/5 (for the waitress who was rather rude about us changing seats), food 4/5

Yong Kang Street No.12-5 [永康街12-5號]
Taipei, Taiwan [台北, 台灣]
#: (02) 2351-3323

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